Biz Woman: Answers to Common Questions


     I’ve received a lot of messages, emails, and general questions about: 1) How I got Pumps started, 2) What made me want to do my own thing, and 3) How I balance work/family life.  I personally think women should be open to sharing advice when it comes to owning a business.  Women have a tendency to compete, regardless of industry, when we should all be helping each other wiggle our way to redefining industry norms and working towards breaking the glass ceiling.  The more open we are with one another, the more successful we’ll be collectively.  So, practicing what I oh so often preach – here are my answers to these common questions.

How I got Pumps started

       I worked on the ‘idea’ of Pumps for years, and after months and months of reading every book, advice column, and scheduling coffee dates with local business women I admired, I figured it was just time to take the leap.  First, I decided on what services I would specifically choose to focus on and decided on the name PR IN PUMPS.  I wanted something that stressed the bulk of what PUMPS was (obviously, PR) and something fun that revealed it was coming from a woman (and obviously, PUMPS).  I had an Attorney set up the LLC and help with the EIN while I had an amazing graphic designer help me with the logo, which eventually was sent off for trademarking.  After all of these things were completed, I formed a nice legal binder with all of the signed, certified paperwork and Agreements, in addition to the official contract I would use to send out to clients prior to starting any work.  This binder was (and still is) essential to kicking-off any biz.

What made me want to do my own thing

       This is a pretty simple answer – I wanted to do what I loved and have fun while doing it.  Also, I have a passion for meeting amazing people and my clients are nothing less than just that – amazing. 

How I balance work/family life

       This is the hardest part of owning a business.  It is SO difficult to separate!  I am such a responsive person that I will be at dinner and will answer my phone just to answer a common question from one of my clients.  I have learned that as much as I love to be so responsive and welcoming to questions at any time, there are certain times that I need to disconnect.  Family time is blacked out now, meaning my phone is shut off or at least put away.  My family keeps me balanced and the beauty of ‘blacked out time’ is that I am 110% devoted to just my loved ones.  Also, I no longer feel bad about telling clients that I’ll  be on vacation from y – z.  Both vacation and family time are well deserved and boundaries need to be drawn or things just get messy.  Trust me, clients respect your time more than you think!


       >>For inquiries/general questions, please feel free to reach out to message us on social media.  Both my team and myself are very responsive! 🙂


Have a great week #bosses!