2018 Word of the Year

As we are closing the year 2017, I am forced to acknowledge the magnitude of how amazing it was. PUMPS has seen a substantial amount of growth that in all honestly, never could have been dreamed of, for one single year.

Each year, one word is chosen to encompass the hopes and goals for PUMPS. For 2017, the word selected was resilience, as it was found to be difficult to compete with other PR agencies, local guru’s, etc. for clientele. With this being said, PUMPS persisted and ended the year by doubling clientele since January of last year with a diverse range of fabulous, rockstar clients.

Anticipating the struggles of 2018, PUMPS has chosen to focus on a different, more stimulating, word – Eunoia.  This word, deriving from Greek origin, can be interpreted as “beautiful thinking”, which describes the PUMPS thought process for 2018. Not only will our work continue to reflect creativity, but also display the inherent beauty in each brand, for each project.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, beautiful 2018!