The Best Businesses of IG

Instagram is a mobile app that allows its users to share, post, and edit their photos and short videos. With new features such as live video and Instagram stories; Instagram has continued to grow more and more throughout the years and has gained countless amounts of users. This app is not only for everyday users … Read more

Meet our Pumps Intern, Morgan!

Hi, I’m Morgan!  Read my interview to learn more about me.   PUMPS:  What do you love the most about PR? M:  The thing I love most about PR how involved it is with people, business owners, and the community. I love the fact that you get to work with so many people to get … Read more

Capturing Color – Targeting Audiences with Specific Colors

All businesses know the struggle of having to appeal to different demographics.  Did you know that using a specific color in your businesses PR campaign may help you reach that demographic you are trying so hard to reach?  Based on psychological studies (sources listed below), specific colors appeal to certain demographics.  Before paying astronomical prices … Read more

The Beauty in Boutique – Why go with a Boutique Agency?

Current obsession?  Going smaller.  From itty bitty, bite-sized cheeseburgers at the best parties to down-sizing for the most beautiful ‘intimate’ weddings – there is something so chic in going smaller.  Going smaller doesn’t mean you receive less – I mean, you can eat all the itty bitty cheeseburgers your stomach can handle.  Well, it looks like same applies in … Read more